Service Pricing

Start your recruitment process the right way. Post your ads and announcements on, reach more people and find the best match for your company.

Standard Placement: 30 GEL

Service includes:

  • Publishing an ad for up to 45 days.
  • Pushing the ad for rotation in the network of websites.
  • Sending the ad to our email subscribers.
  • Option to include up to 2 different positions in a single announcement.
  • Styling an ad with your logo.
  • Attaching a branded image to the ad link when shared on social networks.
  • Branded Profile on for the company or organisation.
  • Access to the ad performance statistics in the Client Area.

Standard Placement with 50% Discount

  • For local non-profit, non-governmental organizations.
  • Applies to job postings only.

Standard Placement For Free

Offer applies to the non-profit ads only that announce:

  • Free training, workshop or similar event.
  • Grant or funding programs (without any type of contest participation fee).
  • Scholarships (without any type of contest participation fee).

Republishing with Standard Placement 15 GEL

  • Offer is valid for 2 months after the initial publishing date.
  • Ad is republished in original form, without any alterations.
  • Only applies to job announcements.

Undisclosed Placement 60 GEL

Service includes:

  • Publishing an ad without identifying the ad provider (organization name is substituted with a generic label — Company, Financial Company, etc.)
  • A mailbox with address for the convenient communication with applicants.

Discount on Bulk Purchases: Up to 40%

Discount applies to standard placement purchases, payed in advance:

  • 20% discount on the purchase of 20 or more ads.
  • 30% discount on the purchase of 30 or more ads.
  • 40% discount on the purchase of 40 or more ads.

Prepaid ads can be used during 1 year period from the purchase date.