Everything's Connected

Silknet is the leading company in Georgia offering wide range of telecommunications products including Internet, TV, fixed telephone services and business telecommunications services.

Company is awarded to B+ rating by FITCH.

By customer-centric approach and high emphasis on delivering valuable telecommunications services, due to GNCC, by 2017 year, Silknet has achieved 41% of Internet market share in Georgia.  30% of Georgian families enjoy Silknet’s cutting-edge IPTV service with its exclusive content. Company holds 48% of the fixed telephone market. Professional workforce is Silknet’s great asset too. With more than 1,600 highly-qualified professionals, Silknet guarantees nationwide delivery of quality telecommunications services.

We assure better communication for communities and businesses. We guarantee continues communication between people. We create strong ground for our children’s education. Our mission is to connect more people using internet, that is essential for their success.

Education requires continues information flow. Today, the best way to obtain information is internet. By expanding internet coverage in Georgia, more people can access education sources and create stronger base for their achievements.

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